Demi Lovato Wore A Sexy Cop Halloween Costume And..Actually, Do We Really Need To Say Anything Else?

We know you guys are about ready to beat us over the head with a pumpkin, but we promise this is is the last God forsaken Halloween post you'll see from FHM until next year. That being said, we also promise that these pictures from Demi Lovato's Instagram are ABSOLUTELY worth it.

The lovely Miss Demi Lovato dressed up twice this spooky season. Once as late singer, Selena Quintanilla, and once as quite possibly the sexiest cop we've ever seen. Before we get to the sexy cop stuff though, we have a little debate on our hands. Demi's first costume as Selena was also quite sexy, not sexier than the cop, but still, SEX-Y. The problem is, Kim Kardashian also dressed up as Selena and frankly, we can't decide who pulled it off better.

Exhibit A: Demi Lovato As Selena Quintanilla

Exhibit B: Kim As Selena Quintanilla

Exhibit C: Side By Side Comparison

See the dilemma?! To be honest, they BOTH killed the look. In the spirit of not pitting two, beautiful women against each other. We're going to declare this one a tie. That being said, there's no question Demi looked hotter than any other celeb in her cop costume, so, yeah, ya'll should definitely get pretty excited to look at those place. Remember, don't say we never gave ya anything. Here's to one last Happy Halloween. Until next year, guys.

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