Demi Lovato: No Shirt, No Bra, No Problem As She Dons Unbuttoned Blazer On Red Carpet

Just when we thought that the always gorgeous Demi Lovato couldn't be any sexier — after all, she always stuns no matter where she goes — the 25-year-old musician made jaws drop the other night with an outfit that was quite the head-turner! Walking the red carpet at the MTV Europe Music Awards, Demi wore no shirt, no bra and just an unbuttoned blazer for eyes to stare at. Trust us, it turned out being a very good look for her.

As always, Demi Lovato sure seems to be in a really giving mood, seemingly flashing her top-notch looks for the cameras and for fans while strutting in confidently. It's this kind of stuff that makes us go gaga over her, with the crush we have only getting bigger and bigger as time goes on. Hey, can you blame us?


In addition to her sex appeal, Demi also found herself as one of TIME magazine's 100 most influential people of 2017, with the starlet recently getting the news about her inclusion on the prominent list. That's some big news for her! Add in the fact that she had a new documentary come out this year in which she made some pretty shocking and candid revelations — like how she did cocaine for the first time at age 17, per Vulture

"Demi says she first tried cocaine at 17 around the time she was working for the Disney Channel. She’d been warned by her mother that it could stop her heart, but 'did it anyways.' 'I loved it,' she recalls. 'I felt out of control with the coke the first time that I did it.' Lovato attributes the feeling to her birth father’s own addictions. 'I guess I always searched for what he found in drugs and alcohol because it fulfilled him and he chose that over family,' she says."

We have major respect for Demi Lovato for being so honest in the midst of her prime in the entertainment scene, so it's no wonder why she's continuing to surprise us with things. And this latest stunt with an unbuttoned blazer at the MTV EMAs is her latest eye-popping moment.

Keep on doing you, Demi, because it's something that's working well. Oh, and if that includes more pics like these, then, cool, we'll be even happier about your life choices.

Lead image via Getty.

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