Denise Schaefer Is The Phone-Meltingly Hot Model On The Verge Of Instagram Superstardom

Since its very first upload back in October 2010, the photo-sharing app Instagram has brought its users all manner of joy. Not only has it allowed us to share our breakfast choices and out-of-focus pictures of pets with the world, but it has also introduced us to some of the most beautiful people on the planet.

Before she took to Instagram, Peruvian-born Denise Schaefer was a little-known model living in California. A few filtered photos later, and the 21-year-old has gained herself several thousand new fans and become one of the hottest properties on social media. Not bad for a college girl with a love of FIFA…

FHM: Hi Denise. How can someone gain 3,000 Instagram followers a month like you?

Denise: I just post my life and let it happen. I know there’s things you can do like hashtagging, but it weirds me out when people put 100 hashtags under pictures. I’m not really into that. I’m always wondering who these people are and why they follow me.

Well, your life is a hell of a lot better looking than ours. It’s like an episode of Skins.

Ha, I never thought that! It’s not like I’m doing crazy things all the time; I’m just having fun with my friends. I’d say my Instagram is a pretty good reference to my life.

Can you shed light on why girls seem to post so many selfies?

I hate the word selfie. It kind of creeps me out. Sometimes I’ll take pictures of myself with my phone if I’m bored. I think every girl does that, when you’re checking how you look and then start taking pictures.

Other than self-snapping, how else do you like to pass the time?

I love video games. Once I play a video game, I get addicted – I have to be the best at it. I have the record in Temple Run out of everyone I know: 15 million points.

Crikey, how long did that take?

About 45 minutes straight. Right now, it’s FIFA that I’m trying to get good at. I’m still not that great, but I’m getting there. I always play with Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo. I don’t know much about him, but he’s definitely the best player.

Maybe we could have a match.

Oh, and I love The Sims!

Right, but about that match…

Oh my God, The Sims is like an obsession. So here’s the thing, I used to play when I was in seventh grade. But I did everything it was possible to do, so I stopped playing. Then I started to miss it so I bought it again on eBay. It sounds lame, but it’s really fun.

We used to like that Theme Park game. Hey, you’re in California – do you ever go to any of them?

Oh my God yeah, I love them. I actually live really close to a theme park called Six Flags that has the fastest looping roller coaster, the highest drop and the highest roller coaster – they have a lot of world records. I go there all the time and go on every single ride. I love the adrenaline.

Don’t you get bored of waiting in line all day?

Not really. If you go in the summer it sucks, because there’s a bunch of tourists and no one’s at school. But when you ditch college for the day and go on a Wednesday or Thursday, there’s no one there and you can go on all the rides and wait like five minutes.

Are your college parties like the ones in the movies?

The sorority and fraternity parties are exactly how you see in the movies – they are crazy. And the red cups do exist! I wouldn’t call myself a party animal, but I like to have fun – I have a lot of energy.

_ Photography by: Carlos Nunez_