Denny's New Sausage Mascot Looks Like A Giant Turd And The Internet's Mocking Them HARD AF About It

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Sure, every single drunken college kid might enjoy hunting down a Taco Bell to grab Fourth Meal, but, back when I was in college, because we didn't have a T-Bell close to our campus, my buddies and I often stumbled our way into the best American diner on the F'in planet; Dennys.

That's right, after a night out on the town included tons of shots and even more cheap-ass beer, we ordered some all-time classics like Denny's Moons Over My Hammy or the Loaded Breakfast Sandwich to help offset our soon-to-have hangovers.

And, while I'll go to bat and stand up for Denny's pretty much anytime someone tries talking crap about the place, it's hard to do that right now — because I'm too busy laughing at the restaurant's new sausage mascot, which, to be frank, looks like a giant piece of poo rather than a piece of meat... and the Internet is letting the company know it.

Man, talk about some serious trolling on the Internet's part, right?

Although Denny's has caught some serious, uh, shit for using the mascot — which, even if it is a sausage, is so boring that they should change it anyway — the company has no plans of "dumping" it.

Mascots are fun and all, but, dammit Denny's, why did you need to go and make one that looks like this?!?

The Sacramento Bee

Lead image via Instagram/dennysdiner.

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