How To Build Your Very Own 'Destiny 2' Rocket Launcher (Video)

Image Via Facebook/Master And Apprentice

For those of you unfamiliar with the "Destiny 2" rocket launcher, you're in for a wild, fire-fueled ride! "Destiny 2" is an online-only multi-player video games that can be accessed from a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Microsoft Windows. Basically, it's a first-person shooter game similar to "Counter Strike", or more recently, "Call of Duty: WWII". That said, the campaign is far more fantastical than war-based games. It takes place in a mythical science fiction world.

However, we're not here to talk about the ins and outs of the campaign, we're here to talk about the gear! Normally, video game gadgets are reserved for behind our computer screens, not the "Destiny 2" rocket launcher, though! This bad boy has been brought to real life and we cannot wait to test this tutorial out at home. Let's give a special shout-out to Master and Apprentice on Facebook for walking us through it.

Now that didn't look too difficult, now did it? You'd think a rocket launcher would requite a lot more leg work, but, nope! It's definitely a doable D.I.Y. project — even if you're not the handiest of dudes. As you saw from the video, the launcher isn't fully functional, but, that's OK, right? You wouldn't really want to run around using that thing anyway. We'd venture to say that would result in some serious jail time, or, at the very least, some singed eyebrows? Yikes, that's not a good look.

To buy "Destiny 2" or watch the trailer, head here.

Lead Image Via Facebook/Master And Apprentice

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