The Random Diamond Patch On Your Backpack Actually Has A Purpose

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Let's all take a moment to give the internet at large, specifically TODAY, a round of applause for taking the initiative to ask Herschel —which happens to be my fave brand of backpack as of late, what the hell that diamond shaped patch on backpacks is even for? Because let's face it, NONE of us knew. Don't lie—nope, no you didn't. You thought it was decoration!

Turns out, it's CRAZY useful—shame on us for all being too lazy to figure it out! We could have been making use outta that bad boy for years! I actually just bought my boyfriend the very same backpack in black for his birthday not too long ago, so I most definitely plan on making myself sound super insightful by pointing all of this out to him.

It's called a "lash tab" and it's general function is to pass a string through the middle part and lash objects to your bag. This obviously comes into great use if something isn't fitting into your bag, or if something smells (i.e. gym sneakers) and you don't want to funk up your gear.

TODAY Style reached out to JanSport and Herschel to get more info—

"Originally, it was designed to carry an ice ax," said Jamie Cormack, co-founder of Herschel. Backpackers would thread webbing through the slots, hang the ax from it, and secure it with a tension lock, he explained.

I'll go ahead and include JanSport's answer too, despite already talking up Herschel backpacks—

"What a hiker of climber would attach depends on what type of adventure they are on — could be a water bottle, could be climbing rope, could be almost anything," Ann Daw, JanSport's vice president of marketing, told TODAY in an email. "But no matter what it is they are attaching, it would be something the person needs quick access to and thus the lashing square, so it's on the outside of the pack."

This was definitely one of those, "you learn something new every day" moments.


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