Sex Questions From Google That People Really Want To Know The Answers To (So, We Googled 'Em For You)

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No matter how much sex you've had in your life, you're never going to be an expert. Sure, you might think you are, but face it, pal — the only true sex experts out there are doctors. At the end of the day, technique is important, but when something goes wrong and we mean, really wrong in the bedroom, who are you going to ask for advice? A pornstar or medical professional? We don't know about you, but we're calling a doctor.

Nowadays you don't even have to call a doctor, you can just search everything on the internet! Problem is, browser history is a thing and sometimes you might feel insecure or embarrassed. It's not your fault, the stigma surrounding sex education is a real pain in the ass. Because of this, we decided we'd just go ahead and Google some popular sex questions for you. Don't thank us, we learned a lot ourselves.

Is Sex Addiction Real?


We could see why people would want to know the answer to this question. Unfortunately, it tends to be the go-to response when someone gets caught cheating (especially if it's multiple times and they happen to be a famous athlete/actor). According to the top Google result from Psychology Today sex addiction nor hypersexuality appears in the DSM-5. That doesn't necessarily mean it's not real, it just means it's not recognized as a mental illness/disorder. We're sure that more research will lead to more concrete results.

Is Sex Better When High?


We could go ahead and sum this up with a big ol' yes, but the point was to let Google do the work. According to the top result from The Washington Post, yes, the pleasure of sex is better when you're high (on marijuana). We pulled an excerpt from the article taken from a study at New York University lead by Joseph Palamar:

"The study found that both men and women reported longer and more intense orgasms on marijuana, with one woman reporting hers were "magnified at least by five times."

Seems pretty legit to us! The study went on to mention that sex is not better when you're drunk, in case you felt compelled to search that later on.

Is Sex Cardio?


C'mon people, really? Someone who has never taken ahealth and fitness course in their life could surmise the answer to this question — it's common sense. That being said, we agreed to search these questions for you, so according to FITDAY:

"Sex is a great way to get your blood pumping and burn calories, and every once in a while, for the sake of your relationship, you can skip the gym for a private session with your partner. For the sake of your health, and how you look during sex, however, make a habit of engaging in both regularly."

OK, so technically, yes, sex is cardio/a good workout, but for the sake of your entire fitness regime, no, sex cannot replace working out. Wow, we're actually super-bummed to read that. We were certain we'd never have to go for a damn jog ever again.

Is Sex Drive Genetic?


At first, we were a little confused by this question. Our brain immediately went to "sexual orientation" before realizing that wasn't the intent. What people want to know is if sex drive (the will/desire to have sex) is genetic — or inherited from your parents. First of all, that's creepy. Second of all, that's a damn good question. A study published on WebMD gave a very complex, unnecessarily long explanation to what could be summarized by the answer, "we don't know yet." Similar to sex addiction, there simply hasn't been enough research to support concrete yes/no claims.

Is Sex Supposed To Smell?


LOL, well done internet, well done. This is perhaps the grossest/most innocent question we've ever come across in our lives. It's filled with concern, despair, curiosity — it's got something for everyone. Our first inclination was to answer, no, sex is NOT supposed to smell. Then again, that's not entirely true. Sex does have a very distinct scent. Again, we took to Google (shielding our screens from surrounding coworkers). Most of the search results had to do with what a vagina is supposed to smell like, rather than sex itself (seems pretty sexist, if you ask us). One result from Women's Health suggested that the smell is dependent on the pH levels "down there" for both the male and female. How pleasant!

Well, there you have it, guys! Go ahead and add this page to your Bookmarks. That way, you never have to embarrassingly Google any of this again! Oh, and if you do feel compelled to search sex-related questions — maybe don't do that at work, OK? We promise that we just got a whole lotta weird stares.

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