11 "Innocent" Halloween Props That Are So NSFW It's Actually Scary

Ahh, Halloween. The only time of the year when immaturity is celebrated and people will do anything they can to try and scare the living hell out of another person. Hey, it's fun. It's supposed to be innocent. It's... a bit wild.

Buckets of candy? Hell yeah! Third grade level sexual innuendos? You bet! So, it's no surprise that Halloween's rampant immaturity sometimes spills over into their prop department — and we're hard-pressed to figure out why any company in their right mind would ever think about producing some of these things, because they're so NSFW that it's actually scary AF!


Just when you thought you've seen it all on Halloween, something like this comes around to spook you and remind you that there are still other ways people can be the most immature (or brilliant). Whatever your thoughts are on these these things, we have a feeling you'll at least smile a little bit — and that's what we're here to provide for you.

Look, we're all about a little filth in our lives, especially if it happens to lighten the mood or draw some laughs. But some of the things you're about to see are more terrifying than coming across a clown on the side of the street or finding an actual monster in your closet. Anyway, just go ahead and look at the "harmless products" that were clearly designed by that guy who still draws weenies on bathroom walls. Something tells us you'll probably never be able to get the images of these things out of your mind anytime soon.

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