Women Reveal Their Thoughts About Dirty Phone Calls And Well, Guys, Start Dialing Now

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Nowadays, so few interactions are handled face to face that I predict within 10-15 years you'll be able to conceive a child via text. I'm not being funny, either. I have theories, people. A lot of that interaction is done out of laziness rather than necessity, which is where the judgement comes from.

However, some technologically based relationships are a result of long-distance and thusly, how else are ya supposed to get your rocks off? Watch dirty flicks?! That's cheating, you know! Kidding. Some crazy women do think that, though, so it might be best to just avoid doing it.

In all seriousness, phone sex and dirty talk can be really useful as a means of strengthening intimacy. We know guys are always down, questions is, how do the ladies feel?

Blogger Amanda Chatel, of YourTango, shared her findings and we thought we'd share them all with you!! 9 women candidly revealed how they feel about phone sex and dirty talk — let's just say no two women were the same. What else is new, huh? Here are some of the best responses:

Eh, so the last one wasn't exactly a glowing review, but damn, she seems passionate and we like that!


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