Why Sending Nudes Is A BAD Idea As Told By The Hollywood Elite

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In a perfect world, people wouldn't let basic human emotion get in the way of common decency or in some extreme cases, remaining within the confines of the law. Problem is, the world is far from perfect and people, if nothing else, are erratic, reactive creatures. Go ahead and add a smartphone to the equation and well, things go south faster than you can double-tap on Instagram. Unfortunately, the current climate of popular culture is definitely a testament to that, just ask Blac Chyna.

From Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson to Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus, so many prominent women in Hollywood have fallen victim to cyber attacks and even revenge porn. This isn't to say that men don't send nudes. Obviously they do, as the infamous dick pic has become pretty popular in recent years. It just seems that women are less inclined to expose them publicly. Although, you can't be sure they aren't showing their friends and laughing. Yet another reason to abstain from texting your Johnson to a lady.



I recognize that it seems counterproductive to ask people to stop sending nude photographs, as opposed to combating hackers and punishing individuals perpetuating revenge porn, but at the end of the day the consequences can be so damaging that the risk simply isn't worth it. Again, it's not a perfect world, so if refraining from sending nudes is the worst thing someone is advising you on, then hey, it's a pretty good life, no? Well, of course, it's a bit more complicated than that.

Currently, 38 states plus DC have revenge porn laws and believe me, they aren't lenient—even if you're famous. It seems a lot of folks don't necessarily understand why that's the case. To that, I give you one word: CONSENT. Let's now look at Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian as the most recent and poignant example —

A lot people, men and women alike, made the argument that because Chyna was formerly a stripper that she should take no issue with Rob posting nude photographs and sexually driven texts from her. Just because Chyna was comfortable with nudity in the context of her job, does not negate the fact Rob posted those pictures without permission. His intent was malicious, plain and simple. While some victims, like Demi Lovato, remain unfazed by their experiences with leaked nudes, some people aren't so lucky.

I think we can all remember "The Fappening" of 2014 and while it did excite quite a few people (let's be real, men) it was pretty frightening! Sure, it was Hollywood that was hit the hardest but it set a dismal precedent that privacy is nothing but a facade, regardless if something has been deleted or otherwise! Mary E. Winstead put it bluntly, so I'll let her finish this thing off:

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