I've Got No Clue How This 433-Foot Disc Golf Shot Went In For A Hole-In-One (But It's Impressive AF)

Image via Twitter

I've seen some pretty awesome things in my life — like Allen Iverson drop 48 points on my Cleveland Cavaliers while in high school, a dude open a beer bottle with a lighter and have even run into some famous people on airplanes when I was younger — and this dad's disc golf trick shot is up there as the most impressive things ever.

Look, as someone whose played the "sport" maybe once in his life, I have a great appreciation for people who can throw those discs at all, let alone a man who buries a F'in 433-foot shot from atop a hill, perfectly playing the break and any other conditions to perfection. Seriously, just look at how he plays this thing as if he's done it before.

Oh. Hell. Yes.

As much as my mind is blown with seeing something like this, the kid's dad — who, presumably, was recording the whole thing — isn't as complimentary... at first, anyway. As his pops goes apeshit to celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime hole-in-one, his son can be heard on the video saying, "dad, I don’t give a shit about this." What a punk, right?

Well, as it turns out, the kid did find his dad's shot pretty darn impressive, as the video was just cut short, so the youngin' just fell victim to a misunderstanding. To help clear his name, the kid even took to Reddit, making sure everyone knew that, yeah, he and his old man don't actually hate one another.

Here's what the son had to say:

“So actually that’s my dad and my brother is filming. This clip cuts out the beginning, in which dad is giving us a lecture on his throw, and my brother is trying to speed him up with the comments in the video. We’ve all got a great relationship and yes, we give each other shit like that on the DG course.”

He followed that up with a picture of him, his dad and his brother — because, naturally, pic or didn't happen, right?

Now, for those who might not think this dad's shot is a "holy shit" moment, well, take a look at this 283-foot disc golf shot from the summer of 2016, which made the rounds on the Internet to blow everyone's minds.

Oh, only 283 yards? Psh, this dad just raised the bar by 150 feet... your move, Internet!

Lead image via Twitter.

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