Pizza at McDonald's? 12 Discontinued Items You Totally Forgot Existed

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This year the Big Mac turns 50, which is sort of amazing. Who knew people loved double-decker sandwiches smothered in Thousand Island dressing so much? Oh whoops, our bad, we mean "secret sauce."

Considering the amount of "limited edition" sandwiches and discontinued items that have come and gone on McDonald's menu, the fact that the Big Mac still reigns supreme is sort of surprising. It even outlasted the McSpaghetti. Remember that? Or how about the McPizza?

Actually, on second thought, we're not surprised the McPizza didn't last. Below, eleven other seriously weird foods you forgot McDonald's use to sell.

1. The McHotDog


Not to be confused with rapper MC HotDog (yes that's a real person), McDonald's foray into the world of hot dogs was short-lived. It appeared on menus in a few locations in the U.S. and in Canada in the late '90s, but it just wasn't successful. Probably because it looked like the picture above.

2. Onion Nuggets


Unlike the McHotDog, the Onion Nuggets looks pretty damn good. The product was highly pushed in the late '70s to pair with a new steak and onion sandwich. In the end, neither the nuggets nor the steak sandwich survived past the '80s, probably because they realized they would make a killing replacing those onions with chicken.

3. McPizza


Yep, they tried it. In the '90s, McDonald's tried to capitalize on Italian food, with many franchisees spending thousands of dollars for new pizza ovens to pump out "delicious" McPizzas. However, the item didn't last more than a couple of months. After all, they couldn't compete with Pizza Hut, the supreme leader of bad ass pizza parties in the '90s. However, there's one location in Ohio that still serves the McPizza. I guess they had to pay for that $10,000 pizza oven somehow.

4. McSpaghetti


McDonald's bastardization of Italian food continued with the McSpaghetti, a sad little dish covered in ketchup and pamersan cheese. Some locations even served it with a side of chicken for that Olive Garden experience. Although the McSpaghetti disappeared from menus in the '70s, it's still a popular item internationally.

5. Chicken Selects

Unlike the gray frankenmeat of the McNugget, Chicken Selects were good and actually tasted like real chicken. So why didn't it last? Apparently, McDonald's underestimated how much their customers loved processed Grade F chicken in a greasy fried shell, and so the "healthier" Chicken Selects got axed. And yes, we're still mad about it.

6. McDLT


"Ugh, I hate how when I eat a BLT the lettuce and tomato aren't crispy and cold!" said no one — ever. Which is why McDonald's McDLT, a burger that came in an extra large container, with the meat and bun on one side and the lettuce and tomato on the other, was doomed for failure. Not to mention it looked pretty terrible for the environment.

Mulan SzeChuan Teriyaki Dipping Sauce


While promoting Disney's Mulan in the late '90s, McDonald's came out with a limited edition dipping sauce for McNuggets. We've never tasted it, but the sauce has such a cult following, packets of the dipping sauce are being sold on eBay for $14,000. Be right back, checking the floor of our car for any dipping sauces that can be stored in our bank vault.

7. McSalad Shaker


So in the early 2000s, during the rise of the "obesity epidemic," many consumers criticized McDonald's for not offering any healthier options. McDonald's responded by introducing salad shakers to make eating a salad feel less like a sad, demoralizing experience. They disappeared from menus in the mid-2000s once people realized that eating salad out a cup is kind of weird.

8. Fish McBites


Now we haven't tried the McBites, but they look yummy AF. Fried pieces of fish to pop in your mouth? Yes, please. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, they were taken off the menu in 2013 due to poor sales.

9. McSoup


Well, this is the saddest bowl of soup we've ever seen. What's even worse? The McSoup was literally just canned Campbell's soup in a cup. Unsurprisingly, no one wanted this. However, it's still available in some international locations.

10. McStuffins


"I love Hot Pockets so much I'd pay double if I could get them at my favorite fast food chain," said no one. The McStuffins were introduced in 1993 and discontinued that same year for obvious reasons.

11. McLobster

The lobster roll was introduced in 1993, but they had a hard time with supply issues. The roll performed better in New England where locations had access to cheaper lobster, but ultimately it was discontinued because it was just straight up weird.

12. Grilled Chicken Flatbread Sandwich


Frankly, this is the one item on this list we'd love to come back. Introduced for a limited time in the early 2000s, these tasty sandwiches were legit amazing. Unfortunately, it hasn't returned since 2002.

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