You'll Never Look At These Disney Movies The Same Way Again After Realizing How Naughty They Are

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Anyone who has even the most basic knowledge of Walt Disney knows that he was a messed-up dude. Between the mommy-issues and obsession with phallic imagery, the man could have benefitted from a shrink (or two).

The saving grace however, is that the majority of his audience is children and the beautiful thing about children is that they only see the good in the world. Of course, we manage to completely and totally ruin that as they get older, but for a few short, precious years they are blissfully unaware of such perverse things.

The New York Post shared a laugh-out-loud, but also incredibly disturbing article whereupon they detailed some more of the dirtier Disney moments/dialogue, and I've gotta say, this sh-t is rank. Well, not so much for FHM readers, but think of the children!! If you don't have any of those, think of yourself as a child and your poor Disney-polluted mind! Image all the subliminal d-cks you must have missed.

There are countless examples of these naughty finds, but the one's below should definitely convince you enough to go back and try to spot all of them on your own.

Toy Story

A Bug's Life


101 Dalmatians

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