Twitter Just Revealed What The Division Symbol Means (So Who Needed Third Grade Math Anyway?)

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Gone are the days where students are forced to sit in a stuffy classroom listening to tenured zombies, who would much rather be watching Days of Our Lives, ramble on about learning. They have Twitter now! It's 2017! OF COURSE that's where they're educating themselves. Admittedly, student or not, I use Twitter quite a bit in the name of academia as well — what can I say? I'm a student of life!

One such moment happened today when I came across a thread SO mind-blowing it's any wonder how Third Grade teachers (JUST THE MATH ONES) all over the world haven't been brutally fired for their ineptitude. Go ahead — learn, my friends! You can thank me later.



Pretty eye-opening, huh?! For those of you with children in Elementary school, go ahead and pull them out now, set them up with a Twitter account, and keep it movin'.

Image Via YouTube/Ditto Greetings

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