An Absurdly Large, 15,000-Calorie Egg McMuffin Is Here, Think You Can Tackle It?

Image via YouTube/HellthyJunkFood

Just a few days ago, I shared Hellthy Junk Food's insane pizza INSIDE a burger INSIDE a pizza video and you all seemed to enjoy it, so I'm coming back at you with another fun, heart attack inducing tutorial by the very same folks at HJF.

I've gotta say, while I'm a HUGE pizza and burger fan, this GIANT Egg McMuffin is a bit more aesthetically appealing. I think it's because they created the perfect ratio of egg to ham to cheese to muffin. Seriously, just look at that thing, it's a work of art. The burger pizza burger pizza was really greasy and gooey and looked a bit like an explosion of trans fats.


My issue, yet again, is that I can't decide whether I'd eat it or not. Yes, I enjoy it visually, but there's something about a breakfast sandwich that large that's almost off-putting. Of course I could have a bite, but then what's the point of the giant aspect? I don't have 13 friends to share this thing with.

I also decided that I wanted to break this thing down calorically. So the standard size Egg McMuffin is 300 calories with 13 grams of fat. I would venture to say that this colossal, unnatural beast hovers around, what? 20 times that amount? Is that too much or too little? Maybe 50 times? Egg McMuffins, while delicious are tiny as sh-t. So yeah, let's go with this being 50 times the actual size. With that being said, this giant Egg McMuffin conceivably comes in at around a whopping 15,000 calories and SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY GRAMS OF FAT. If you attempted to scarf this thing down han-solo, rest assured you shouldn't be eating for roughly 6 and a half days!!

Lead Image via YouTube/HellthyJunkFood

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