DJ BBQ's 'Slow And Low Carolina Pulled Pork' Will Change Your Life Forever

Nothing sends the FHM office into more of a chair-gnawing frenzy than the mention of some delicious pulled pork. Well, that and someone breaking the N64...AGAIN.

Pulled pork is quickly becoming one of the most popular dishes of the moment, so we asked our resident food columnist and all-round rad-as-hell dude DJ BBQto show us how it's done.

DJ BBQ says...

A rocket scientist taught me this recipe. His name is Rodney and he comes from the poorest state in America, Carolina. That’s where pulled pork originates.

It’s a cheap cut of meat because of all the fat and ligaments, and it’s too much to deal with unless you cook it slow and low. After 10, 12 or even 18 hours, it breaks that all down and stays nice and moist.

I shared a room with Rodney at college and he went on to become the African-American Engineer of the Year, the smartest black man in America. Homeboy’s got his PhD in aerospace engineering, for Christ’s sake.

He invited me around to his place and told me I had to learn how to cook his Chopped Pork, which is what they call it over there. I go to his labs, and he’s testing fuels to get planes into the upper atmosphere and there’s lasers shooting all over the place. But then he does this pulled pork recipe, and it’s just unreal.



Pull the skin and fat layer from your pork with your fingers and a knife. You don’t want any of this even near your meat as it’ll stop all the flavour in your rub from penetrating your meat.


“It’s time to get impregnatin’!” says DJ BBQ. Chuck all your injection juice into a bowl and suck it up through your meat syringe. Push it half an inch in every 2-3 inches around the pork and squirt until you see it balloon. Pat it dry and leave for 30 mins.


Chuck all the ingredients for your rub into a bowl, mix them together and sprinkle over the pork, working it in as you go. “This rub gives it one helluva good bark on the meat.” Whack it into the oven for an upsettingly long 12 hours. If you choose to, decant the rest of your injection juice into a sports bottle and splash it over your meat every hour for the last six hours.


Once it’s cooked, allow it to cool and then pull it to bits with two forks. Serve in buns with coleslaw.


And there we have it...

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