Video Shows 10,000 Spider-Man Themed Dominoes Collapsing (And It's Dizzying As Hell)

Are dominoes the most badass pastime we can think of? Nah, not so much. Does that make them any less entertaining? No way! If someone wants to set up 81,000 dominoes to tell the story of Super Mario Brothers, so be it. So long as we don't have to participate and just watch, we're all for it! That's why when we came across this epic telling of Spider-Man in 10,000 dominoes falling, we just had to share it with y'all.

Popular Youtube channel, Hevesh5, uploaded the following video of a domino-made Spider-Man, spider, spider web, the Marvel logo, and Venom label. The project in total took just about 8 hours to put together (holy crap, that's impressive) and of course, collapsed in a matter of a seconds.



We're not going to lie — in the beginning we had our reservations. How awesome could a video of Spider-Man themed dominoes collapsing be? It sounds like the lamest clip in a long line of equally as lame clips. Yeah, well, we should learn not to judge a book by its headline! Despite the dizzying migraine we're now rocking, that was EPIC.

As a final aside, this video made us all the more stoked because Spider-Man is easily the only Marvel superhero worth talking about — The Hulk? Weird, green, and angry. Iron Man? Basically Batman with a more intricate suit. Blackwidow? Who is that even? Thor? Pretty boy. Don't even get us started on Daredevil. Spider-Man reigns supreme in both "real life" and domino form. Case closed.


Image Via YouTube/Hevesh5

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