These Domino's Hacks Will Seriously Up Your Pizza Game

Image Via Instagram/shaym

Is Domino's the most authentic pizza on the plant? No, it's not, but that doesn't make it any less delicious. Also, if we're being real here, there's no such thing as authentic pizza outside of Italy, considering that's where the beautiful, gooey, cheesy, saucy goodness originated. The first known pizza shop opened in Porta Alba, Naples, in case you were looking for a little Pizza history 101 on this fine Friday afternoon.

Anyway, we all love pizza and because of that, why not figure out how to consume as much of it as humanly possible without completely breaking the bank?

I can't take the credit for what's below, the fine ladies at Cosmopolitan engineered these beautiful tricks of the pizza trade, but I knew it was super important to spread to the masses. I will however be adding in my own two cents, because, well, I can.

  1. If you're looking to get more bang for you buck, order 2 personal pizzas instead of one large. It equates to more pizza for less money, pretty simple choice.

  2. Take advantage of the free toppings!! This is a no-brainer. Domino's offers 2-free topping swaps on speciality pizzas as well. So, if you get a veggie pie and swap one of the components for pepperoni, you won't be charged. Ya feel me?

  3. If you're craving Magherita, just go with the "create your own" option and don't add anything else. It should save you around a dollar.

  4. Use the box to avoid buying plates:

  1. To optimize on making the Dominos last as long as possible, make sure you heat the pizza the RIGHT way. AVOID the microwave at all costs:

Lastly, it was recommended to order as much garlic and herb dip that fits in the delivery car. I suggest Ranch, but beauty is in the eye of the pizza holder.

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