Don't Ask How, But Someone Figured Out Donald Trump's Code Words For "Getting Busy" In The White House

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As Donald Trump moves from his posh condo in his personalized playground in New York City, Trump Tower, and into The White House, things have changed for the former reality TV boss.

He's no longer able to just tweet on his personal phone at his pleasure, is in charge of, you know, running the United States, needs to try and follow through on some of the questionable propositions he made during his campaign and, maybe most daunting, he can't just have sex with his wife Melania Trump without some planning.

That's right, Trump is now restricted to using codewords anytime he feels a little urge to make love with the First Lady—and, thanks to Telegraph Media, we now know exactly what those words are.

The procedure for coitus in the White House consists of Trump declaring his code name ‘Renegade’, and ‘Renaissance’ (Melania’s code name), and that they are ‘discussing the Bosnian problem’.

So, for all you Secret Service agents who have the task of protecting the First Family, when you hear these words, it's your sign to leave the room for a little while.

According to the Telegraph piece, Trump wasn't the one who enforced this whole codeword procedure, however, as it was former President Barack Obama who decided that, since he and former First Lady Michelle Obama would probably have sex in The White House, they needed to disguise it in some way.

That might seem insane to you or me, but, believe it or not, if the Obama's did get down and dirty, they were believed to be the first President-First Lady to do so since Calvin Coolidge all the way back in the 1920s!

Coolidge's term ended in 1929—which, ironically, was the very beginning of The Great Depression—and, according to The Hill, Obama left office with approval ratings that are "easily the most polarized in modern American history."

So, who knows who Trump's term(s) will end up going, but if Coolidge and Obama taught us anything, it's that having sex at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue might be the key to a solid presidency.

Here's to hoping Donald and Melania Trump "discuss the Bosnian problem" a hell of a lot, then.

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Telegraph Media, The Hill, Huffington Post

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