President Trump Plans To Release The Long Classified 'JFK Files' This Week

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If you aren't already aware, a deadline was set in law by congress that confidential files from the CIA and FBI are to be released to the public by Thursday, October 26, 2017. The caveat? President Trump does get the final say in determining if certain files should remain secret. Turns out, Trump has already started the initiative and has hit the ground running with the announcement to released The JFK Files. According to CNN, White House officials relayed the following statement on Saturday:

"The President believes that these documents should be made available in the interests of full transparency unless agencies provide a compelling and clear national security or law enforcement justification otherwise."

For those of you who have blocked out the memory, President Trump considers himself very well-versed on the assassination of President Kennedy. Remember back in 2016 when he accused Senator Ted Cruz of being associated with Lee Harvey Oswald (Kennedy's assassin)? Yep, good times. Of course, by "good times" we mean...WTF?! Cruz was born in 1970, Kennedy was shot in 1963. Something about those numbers just don't compute, right?

Anyway, the release of these documents has been met with mostly positive reactions. Some people are under the impression that allowing new eyes to examine the evidence will possibly open up new theories in Kennedy's case. Others who have already spent their lives dedicated to the research are certain that the nothing new will come of this. Gerald Posner, the author of Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK, told CNN:

"Anybody who thinks this is going to turn the case on its head and suddenly show that there were three or four shooters at Dealey Plaza -- it's not the case.' 'Oswald did it alone,' Posner continued. 'But what the files are doing and why they're important to come out is they fill in the history of the case and show us how the FBI and CIA repeatedly hid the evidence.'"

Well, we don't know about y'all, but this sure does seem like a pretty exciting moment in American history and we're excited to see what people uncover. If nothing else, we should hope that the release of these documents serves as an education.

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