A Donald Trump Robot Has Been Added To Disney's Hall Of Presidents And It Will Haunt Your F'in Dreams

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While we understand that Donald Trump is, and will continue to be the president of the United States, we can't help but be a wee-bit disappointed in Disney's decision to add him to their Mouse House’s Hall of Presidents attraction. Like, c'mon, have you seen that guy? Couldn't y'all have made an exception just this once? Also, think about, a Donald Trump robot — if that thing becomes self-aware we're all F'in doomed. In a statement released by Disney, they explain their reasoning behind this nightmarish abomination. We suppose, sigh, that it makes some sense, but, still, think of the children, will you please?

"As has been the tradition with every new president since the attraction debuted, an Audio-Animatronics figure of President Donald J. Trump has been added to the show and features the latest advances in technology that enable smoother and more lifelike movements. President Trump personally recorded remarks exclusively for The Hall of Presidents, just as each sitting president has done for the attraction since the early 1990's."

Of course, we can't very well leave you hanging on words. You need proof, we know that. Without further adieu, we give you the 45th POTUS in robot form, aptly nicknamed "Robo Trump":

Are you guys OK? We know that couldn't have been easy, but, if you're still here, just know we're proud of you. We hate to keep this thing going, but, we think more visuals will really drive the point home. Again, think of the children! If a grown man finds Robo Trump pants-sh*ttingly scary, what would a 5 year old think?!

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Disney, please — find a compromise. Just replace Robo Trump with Robo Melania or better yet, Robo Bernie Sanders. Hell, better, better yet would be eliminating the entire attraction altogether because it's creepy AF.

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