Donald Trump's Being Sabotaged By Rogue Staffers Tweeting Details From The White House

Image via YouTube

It's been an eventful first week-and-a-half of Donald Trump's presidency, as the real estate mogul turned Commander-In-Chief has made rash, harsh and extremely controversial decisions since he took a foot in the White House.

And, after Trump used social media to help get him into the Oval Office, he's seeing what it's like when others have zero filter and tweet what they see and feel.

That's because, according to BGR, there's a stealth group of White House staffers who are tweeting observations of Trump's administration so far for everyone to read online.

The account, which is known simply as @RoguePOTUSStaff, began on January 25th and, within days, has already surpassed 559,000 followers. Here's some of what they've detailed.

First Tweet

On Trump

On Immigration

On The Wall

On Staff

On The Account Itself

Of course, there's no real way of knowing for sure if this is just a guy in his mom's basement—crazier things have happened—but, given the info the account is sending out, many are taking the information as valuable and as truth.

Real or not, why does it feel as if we're all living in an episode of House of Cards? This is the world we know now, guys, for better or worse.


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