Donald Trump's Inauguration Gets The Savage 'Bad Lip Reading' Video We All Deserve

Image via YouTube

After last week's Presidential Inauguration, where Donald Trump got sworn in to run the country, everyone witnessed some incredible moments, some awkward ones, and a few forgettable ones. That said, it was a momentous day for the United States.

Of course, that doesn't mean we can't laugh at the seriousness of the moment, as Trump's outrageous behavior and persona have long been what made him so entertaining to begin with, leaving us all wondering what in the hell he really said up there on stage as he shook hands with past presidents and political tycoons.

Thanks to the good people of the always hilarious "Bad Lip Reading," we have an idea as to what might have been said—kind of.


As one might have expected, the video pokes fun at Trump and outgoing President Barack Obama, probably, exchanging insults to one another while smiling for the cameras. Maybe even better, though, are the predicted pretzels that new First Lady Melania Trump handed former First Lady Michelle Obama in that box.

If ever there was a bid lip reading that might just be 100 percent accurate in what was really said, the Donald Trump Inauguration might just be it—and it produces some savage laughs.

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