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Do you live outside the UK? Do you refuse to read anything on paper any more? Are you just too lazy to walk to the shops?

Then you're in luck! FHM is available on the iPad and on Android devices. And it looks pretty damn sexy too.

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01  When will my subscription start?

As soon as your subscription has been confirmed, you should be able to access the current issue on sale. From that point forward, you’ll receive the relevant number of future issues within your subscription category.

Please note that you won’t be able to access any back issues as part of your subscription, though you will be able to buy them individually, if they are available to be purchased.

02  How can I manage my Apple Newsstand subscription?

You can manage your Newsstand subscription here - it’s Apple’s troubleshooting page and has the answers to the queries we receive most often from readers. If you want to change the settings on your subscription, or cancel an auto-renew payment, advice on how to do it can be found there too.

03  I want to cancel an auto-renew subscription payment – how do I do it?

Again, you can do that through subscription management here.


04  How do I get a refund in the event of a billing problem?

All transactions made on Apple Newsstand or iTunes are handled by Apple. Because Apple is a third-party partner company of ours, and your purchase is made through your account with them, Bauer Media cannot refund or check any personal subscription/single issue purchase details made on the Apple Newsstand or iTunes.

We hope that this won’t happen, but should you be experiencing billing problems from Apple, or if you wish to claim a refund, Bauer will unfortunately be unable to help you. We therefore advise you get in touch with Apple directly. Here are some useful links that might help:

1 To manage your subscriptions, click here.

2 For generic Apple iTunes support, and to see a list of query categories, go to the iTunes Support Page - including help on software downloads, installation, purchasing, accounts and billing.

3 If you wish to get in contact with Apple directly, visit the iTunes Contact page where you’ll be able to get support via email for any questions relating to purchase, billing, cards, codes and related topics.

05  My issue won’t download: what am I doing wrong?

Below are some tips for download-related difficulties:

1 Always have sufficient storage space on your device for the download you’re about to attempt.

2 Always use WiFi – not 3G – and check the connection speed is good, or you could time out in the middle of the download. Don’t attempt downloads over the 3G phone network, as it probably won’t work and you run the risk of an enormous mobile phone bill!

3 Don’t try to download more than one magazine at any one time and don’t close an app during download, as this will stop it completing.

06  My magazine download has stuck… what should I do?

Again, check that your WiFi connection is decent. If it is and the problem continues, try the following solutions in order:

1) Stop the app running by double tapping the ‘Home’ button on your device

2) All active apps will appear in a row along the bottom of your device

3) Find the relevant app

4) Push it upwards off the top of the screen to stop the app running

5) Reboot the app and try the download again

If that doesn’t work, you should try deleting and reinstalling the app like this:

1) Delete the app by holding the icon in the Newsstand until it starts shaking

2) A white circle with a black ‘x’ will appear

3) Tap it and confirm you want to delete

4) Restart the device following a full power-off

5) Go to the App Store, then reinstall the app

6) When installed and in place on Newsstand, tap ‘Restore purchases’, which can either be found in the bottom right of the app’s storefront (on the iPad) or when you tap the ‘cog’ button on the top right of the storefront (iPad and iPhone)

7) The following message should appear: ‘Do you want to restore previous purchases?’

8) Tap ‘Restore’ (you may need to re-input your Apple ID and password)

9) Apple should recognise you’ve bought those editions already and the storefront should give you access to the issues you’ve already bought

10) Download whichever issues you want to

07  I’ve deleted the app and tried restoring purchases – but it doesn’t recognise that I have already bought them. What should I do?

This is a very unlikely scenario.

However, if your previous purchases are not recognised, no matter what you try, and whether you’re a subscriber or you buy issues one at a time, please get in touch with us via the App Support email address at the bottom of this page and we’ll investigate your individual case. In the email, clearly stipulate that you cannot access your paid-for editions you’ve already paid for. If you can supply the following information, it would help us identify the problem quickly:

1) The version of the app you have installed

2) The version of iOS you’re using

3) The device you’re using (iPad 2, iPhone 4, etc)

4) Your app’s licence number – go to ‘Settings’ and scroll down the left-hand column until you see the icons appear, then tap on the relevant icon and you’ll see your licence code on the right

Don’t attempt to reinstall the app until you’ve then heard from us.

08  An issue of my magazine has disappeared from Newsstand. What's gone wrong?

Have you recently performed a software upgrade/restore of your device? If so, it’s possible that the issues have been taken down automatically by iTunes.

How much storage space is left on your device? Check your storage space – if you don’t have the requisite space left, issues will be removed without notification, which is a feature of iOS devices. But don’t worry! You can get them back. Apple should be storing your purchases for you in the iCloud. Just go back into the App Store and reinstall it.

Can I re-download issues I’ve already bought? Yes. These should be signified with a ‘cloud’ icon in the storefront of the app.

If not, press the ‘Buy’ button and enter your iTunes password. You should get this message from Apple: “You’ve already purchased this. Tap OK to download again for free.”

Please note: depending on the iOS device you have, you might have to reboot the device itself completely for the above solutions to work.

09  I’d like to read purchased magazines on a different iOS device…

No problem – if you bought FHM on your iPad, you’ll be able to read it on an iPhone, and vice versa. Also, if you upgrade your device, you’ll still be able to access the magazine.

10  The app crashes – what should I do?

It is possible, though unlikely, that your app may crash following download. If it does, try these following steps to resolve:

1) Double tap the Home button then tap and hold on the app. It will shake. Push it upwards off the top of the screen and restart.

2) If that doesn’t work, it could be because you have too many other apps running simultaneously. Kill them all and try again.

3) If that doesn’t work, uninstall the app, download it again from Newsstand, and try again. You’ll be asked for your iTunes password, and you should then be told, “You’ve already purchased this. Tap OK to download again for free.”

If the above doesnot solve your problem, please contact Bauer with as much description as you can about the crash, including your licence number (see answer to Q7), the version of iOS you’re using and the device you have. We will then investigate for you.

You can do that at the email address given at the bottom of this page. Please mention a description of how/when the crash occurs.

This information may well help us ascertain what the problem might be.

11  I am currently a print subscriber and want to access digital editions on my iPad and iPhone as part of that subscription. Can I?


To do that, you’ll need to register with Great Magazines, if you haven’t already, and set up a subscriber account on their website.

Simply visit www.greatmagazines.co.uk and click on ‘Log in’ in the top right of the homepage.

Here you’ll be given the option to sign in, or create an account. If you already have an account, sign in and follow the appropriate link to set up your free digital trial access.

If you don’t, you’ll need to create one and then set up your digital access subsequently.

If you’re having any problems at any time here, get in touch with Great Magazines’ subscription customer service and they’ll be able to run through it all with you.

Note: all digital access for print subscribers is free for a certain number of trial issues to start with. If you wish to continue with a print/digital access bundle after your trial, a small extra charge may be applied. This is because VAT is applicable to digital magazines, but not to print magazines!

12  The print magazine has a cover-mounted gift on it – do I get the same if I buy that edition on the Apple Newsstand?

Any kind of physical gift attached to the front cover of a print magazine cannot be offered to purchasers of that same issue on Apple Newsstand.

However, if you buy a digital-only subscription via Great Magazines or Great Magazines Digital websites, we are looking to offer free gifts, though conditions do apply (so read the small print).

Top tip: always check on these sites for the latest digital editions deal, as the cheapest subscription rates will always be available here. And as we’ve said, you might get a free gift!