Watching Drew Carey Get Pummeled By A 'Price Is Right' Contestant Is A Joy That Money Could Never Buy (Video)

Image Via YouTube // CBS

OK, first thing's first, we'd like to clarify that we have nothing against Drew Carey or The Price Is Right. That being said, there's just something too funny about people epically failing on television. What can we say? Our sense of humor is simple and bloopers most definitely fit the bill — especially game show bloopers! We mean, come on, can you imagine being so excited to guess the price of various household items that you manage to tackle the F'in host like you're James Harrison?

Thankfully, Carey was OK and the show continued as normal. Had either party involved gotten seriously injured, we would have waited a week or so to laugh — that's called being compassionate, you're welcome. Take a look at the video below! If you happen to be at work, maybe scoot off to the bathroom. We wouldn't want your laughter to disturb anyone (also, it's Friday, no sense in giving a crap about your job, right?)

See what we're saying? Pure comedic gold! You can't script that stuff, which, obviously is the best part. An epic fail like tackling the host is the perfect contrast to an otherwise cheesy game show. The Price Is Right started in 1972, after all — they need a tackle every now and again to keep things exciting. In case you're interested, the contestants name is Sona and she ended up walking away with $3,000, per USA Today. Well, it's a good thing she doesn't have to use that money on medical bills, huh?

Lead Image Via YouTube // CBS

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