The Alcohol That Makes You Appear Sexiest Has Been Revealed (And It Rhymes With 'Bin')

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Generally speaking, we don't care if we're drinking spirits, drinking wine, or drinking beer. So long as we're drinking, we're usually pretty content with life. Yes, we realize how terrible codependent that sounds. We're working on it, OK. With the stress of the holidays weighing down on us, a good freakin' cocktail is in order! Give us a break.

Problem is, we don't always know which alcohol is best to drink. That is to say, is there a certain beverage best drank at home versus something you'd drink at a bar? Turns out, there is! And if you're especially looking for a cocktail to make you feel confident (which women find super sexy) then we've got all the research right here!


According to a new study published in the BMJ Open the type of alcohol you drink plays a significant role in your behavior, and consequently, how others view you:

"The final analysis included the responses of just under 30,000 18 to 34 year olds from 21 countries who had drunk each of the specified types of alcohol within the past year, and who had filled in all the relevant sections of the questionnaire."

The results were a mixed-bag of things we already knew, being drinkers ourselves, coupled with some more surprising statistical evidence. For example, spirits were the least likely to be associated with feeling relaxed (20%), while red wine was the most likely to elicit this feeling (just under 53%) followed by beer (around 50%). To us, that's pretty shocking. C'mon, what's more relaxing than a nice glass of scotch or whiskey at the end of a long day? Then again, spirits includes alcohol like tequila and rum, in which case, yep — those aren't exactly our go-to nightcaps.

The most useful statistic to come from this research is something we hope you take out with you every Friday night to the bar. As it turns out, people who drink spirits (gin, vodka, tequila, etc.) were more likely to elicit positive feelings over those who drink beer or wine. Over half (around 59%) of respondents associated these drinks with feelings of energy and confidence. The best part? More than four out of 10 (42.5%) associated them with feeling sexy. Hear that boys? The sexier YOU feel, the sexier others will find you! Throw this information in the nearest flask you can find, and hit the town!

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