'Me Want Cocaine!' Cookie Monster Doll Stuffed With 300 Grams Found At Florida Traffic Stop

Image Via Spectrum News

If you want to smuggle 300 grams of cocaine fine, that's your prerogative, but do you have to defile a children's toy in the process? Oddly enough, it's been a banner week for everyone's favorite Colombian nose candy. Just the other day Kim Kardashian was allegedly spotted with a couple o' lines in one of her snapchat stories. Are the eighties making a comeback? Again?? Does anyone want to go to Studio 54 tonight? Should we all be doing the hustle? I'm not sure if I'm mixing up my decades! What I'm trying to say, coke is back with reckless abandon, it seems. Then again, did it ever really go away (especially in Florida)?

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In a not very detailed report from Spectrum News—"A deputy made the discovery during a traffic stop in Florida. The deputy said he could smell marijuana in the car which led to a bigger search and that's when the doll in question was found. The man now faces drug trafficking charges."

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That's it? No backstory!? No specific reason as to why a cookie monster doll was used? I recognize that stuffing drugs inside of children's toys or even cereal boxes isn't that uncommon, but I would absolutely LOVE to know the thought process behind choosing a particular toy. Why not Big Bird? Elmo? Bert AND Ernie? Kermit? Wait, is Kermit part of the Sesame Street gang? No, right? He's a muppet. You know who would have been the perfect doll to traffic drugs? Miss Piggy! I doubt a cop would search one of their own—that was mostly a joke, I have respect for cops. I would never refer to any of them as pigs (to their faces).

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