Drunk Lady Crashes Live TV, Hilariously Announces That, God Forbid, Someone Has Lost $3

Image via YouTube

One of the best things about live TV is just that, that it's live, which means anything can happen—and, in some cases, that anything is a drunk lady who wants to get a little facetime.

That's what happened on Australia's Channel 9 News the other day, when, at the most prestigious horse racing event of the year, the Melbourne Cup, one drunken Ms. found herself talking to the reporter about something she thought was newsworthy and important—that someone had lost $3.


Handling it like a champ, the reporter replied by sort of trolling the lady, admitting that he probably wouldn't be able to find the person who lost the three bills.

Fortunately, not soon after the awkward exchange, a couple guys came and rescued viewers—and her—from any further embarrassment, pulling her away as she tries to continue to rant on.

This is just another example of why live TV is the absolute best.

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