The 7 Dumbest Facial Hair Trends Guys Should Never Do

Guys, just because facial hair trends are considered "hip", doesn't mean you won't look like a complete and total asshat. Trendy does not equal style. Once more for good measure: trendy does NOT equal style. Need more convincing? OK, take the 1980s as a prime example. You know what the trendiest hairstyle was back then? A freakin' mullet! Do you think any self-respecting man looks back and says, "Wow, I really rocked the hell out of that mullet! So glad I decided to do that!"

We'll spare you the suspense — the answer is NO. Don't feed into the hype! Rise above it! No matter how many Instagram moments you think you're missing out on, we promise that you'll thank us in the end. Live your best live with unironic, simple facial hair.

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