This Handblown, All-Purpose Cocktail And Whiskey Glass Is A Must-Have For Every Gentleman

Image via Kickstarter

Guys, meet the DUO glass, a handblown, all-purpose cocktail and whiskey glass that should be an essential in every man's bar. Specifically designed for things like Old Fashioneds and various rum cocktails, among other cocktail recipes, the DUO glass from Aged & Ore is meant to get the most out of your drink, while making it easy to measure and create amazing cocktails.

Currently a Kickstarter project, the DUO glass has already surpassed its target goal of $11,000, currently sitting at over $90,000 pledged from people who love the slick concept and idea. And, after seeing this thing in action, it's easy to see why so many people would want one — us included.


Touted as the "all-purpose cocktail and whiskey glass," the two guys who came up with the idea, Kegan McDaniel and Roberto Meza, took their love of whiskey to another level, creating a cocktail that's unmatched on the market. Thanks to a double wall insulated design — which helps prevent condensation — along with integrated, 1 oz. pour lines, the DUO glass makes it simple to measure and mix your favorite cocktail.

In addition to the fool-proof measuring method, McDaniel and Meza made sure the DUO glass was capable of accommodating a large, two-inch ice sphere to keep the perfect balance of the cocktail. From that idea came the ice ball mold, which is included in the order of the product, which is a really unique touch. As the image below show, this isn't your grandpa's drinking glass, guys, it's the most equipped cocktail glass we've ever seen on the market.

DUO Glass Key Features

With a number of different pledge levels for those interested in adding to the Kickstarter success of the DUO glass — with several even including bitters — this is one project that has really taken off. The entire concept and design process can be seen on the Kickstarter page, and you can learn more about by following Aged & Ore on Instagram.

Lead image via Kickstarter.

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