Dwayne Johnson And Jason Statham Tease 'Fast And Furious' Spin-Off

Image via YouTube

Bottom line: nobody is tired of the Fast And Furious franchise, driven home (see what we did there?) by the fact that the eighth entry in the series, Fate Of The Furious, pulls into (we can’t stop ourselves!) its second weekend with a global gross of $685 million.

Now, Universal, which like everyone else is going the “shared universe” route evolutionized by Marvel, has come up with a brilliant way to expand this particular franchise: by doing a spin-off.

Dwayne Johnson, who joined up on 2013’s Fast & Furious 6 as Luke Hobbs; and Jason Statham, who became a part of 2015’s Furious 7 as Deckard Shaw, will be the stars of said spin-off, which is in early development.

This would seem to be the perfect placeholder as the studio begins development of the ninth entry in the mothership series. And given the comic and physical rapport between the two actors in Fate, it feels like a good fit.

Johnson, in an interview that appeared on FHM, said of that rapport:

“There were so many lines that I was improvising with Jason, and Jason's got the best sense of humor. He looks tough, and he is tough, but I love cracking him up. There was one line, for example, he didn't know I was going to say it, where I said, 'I'm gonna knock your teeth so far down your throat you're going to stick a toothbrush up your ass to brush 'em.' And I could see his smile start, and he's trying to stay in character, and he just completely burst out laughing. I actually think that's in the movie.”

According to Deadline, the script is being written by Chris Morgan, who joined the franchise in 2006 with The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift and has written the screenplays for the five films after that.

Obviously coming up with cool concepts for this particular world isn’t proving too challenging to Morgan. And, naturally, when the spin-off is over, both Johnson and Statham will be folded back into the main event.


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