Dwayne Johnson And Vin Diesel Spill Details About 'The Fate Of The Furious'

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There's some ridiculousness that's associated with the whole Fast And Furious franchise that fans not only embrace, but look forward to. And there’s no doubt that the eighth in the series, The Fate Of The Furious, goes where no Fast film has gone before.

The plot sees Charlize Theron’s Cipher seemingly corrupting Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto, leading Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs having to put the usual team together with some extra bodies (among them, Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw) to stop him.

In the following interviews, both Diesel and Johnson look back at the making of the film and give fans a glimpse of what to expect when the film opens on April 14th.

Question: The Loyalty Of This Fan Base Is Pretty Amazing To See.

Vin Diesel: “I think it's unlike anything the studio has ever seen. It's a franchise that, definitely after the fourth one, the public adopted as their own. Part of the reason why I felt compelled to return to the Dom character in the first place was the realization that these characters, this family, this world, these themes, these codes of honor and loyalty, and of brotherhood, have been adopted by a huge public. And all along the way, they have had, in their own way, their input.”

Dwayne Johnson: “The Fast and Furious has fans who are incredibly loyal and incredibly invested in the franchise. But they're also very, very vocal, and that's, again, one of the best parts about what we're able to do as we create these characters and make these movies. You listen to the audience and you really let them guide you and dictate where you should be going next. Going to be very exciting.”

Question: It Was Pretty Cool That You Got To Shoot Part Of This Film In Cuba And Take Part In The "Cuban Mile" Race.

Vin Diesel: “What we wanted to do was celebrate the Cuban spirit in that opening scene, so you'll feel that when you see this movie. You'll feel that the franchise is writing a love letter to Cuba. Our characters have evolved to such save the world status that it's hard to justify a race anymore in this universe. The idea that we were able to do this race was profound, and the idea that we were able to make this race about honor was such a cool thing and such a throwback to the first one."

Question: Helen Mirren Certainly Made An Interesting Addition To The Cast.

Vin Diesel: "I was at a party a year ago, an Oscar party, and my agent introduced me to her and she said, 'I've been talking about you and I've been saying I want to be in Fast and Furious. Get it together, Vin! Get it together!' At that point, her role wasn't written in the movie yet. The director and the writer flew down to the Dominican Republic with me and we worked on the script for a week, and in that time, we had written her character in because, ironically, her character had helped out ... It was almost a gift for us, because she provided the connective tissue we really, really needed, and might not have realized how desperately we needed for our plot. One of my favorite moments of filming Fast 8, Fate Of The Furious, was doing scenes with Helen Mirren.”


Question: What Did Director F. Gary Gray Bring To This Film?

Vin Diesel: “What we really needed was a director that was going to focus with an exactitude on performance. That's why we have Oscar winning actors in this film, and it's why Gary Gray was the perfect director for this film, for this chapter. I feel like because I knew from A Man Apart what Gary could pull out in terms of a darker character, I knew he would be perfect to be able to expose a more dangerous and deadlier side to Dom Toretto."

Question: How Much Fun Is It Delivering Those One-Liners?

Dwayne Johnson: “The bottom line is, between myself, my producing partner Hiram Garcia, and [screenwriter] Chris Morgan, I just really love coming up with these lines from Hobbs, 'Daddy's gotta go to work,' 'I am the cavalry.' There's just so many, they go on and on and on, so I always have the best time. It is literally one of the best times I have filming, over my entire career, is what we're able to do with the character of Hobbs. So much fun."


Question: Did You Enjoy Working With Jason Statham In A Different Capacity On This One?

Dwayne Johnson: “There were so many lines that I was improving with Jason, and Jason's got the best sense of humor. He looks tough, and he is tough, but I love cracking him up. There was one line, for example, he didn't know I was going to say it, where I said, 'I'm gonna knock your teeth so far down your throat you're going to stick a toothbrush up your ass to brush 'em.' And I could see his smile start, and he's trying to stay in character, and he just completely burst out laughing. I actually think that's in the movie.”

Question: What Are The Highlights Of The Film For You?

Dwayne Johnson: “It's a fun movie. It's a big movie, it's an exciting movie, there's a lot of things happening, there's a lot of elements, the action is next level just in terms of scale. When you think of gargantuan submarines chasing us, you think of cars being remote controlled ... Those are just two examples of really next level action.”

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