This Video Of 'The Rock' Stopping Traffic For A Fan Selfie Is What Legends Are Made Of

Image Via Instagram/therock

I'm pretty sure that it's every superfan's dream to be driving down the street only to turn their head and spot their favorite celebrity driving right along next to them. I mean, personally, I've envisioned this scenario happening to me plenty of times with the following people—Justin Bieber, A$AP Rock....you know what, maybe I'll just stop there. I'd venture to say that my list is going to differ from that of the average reader, you know, because it'll be all attractive men.

Actually, in that capacity, The Rock works for me as well. I mean, he's about 300x my size, but you never know, we could make it work—for selfie-purposes! Get your mind out of the gutter.

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The tricky-thing about spotting your fave celeb in public is that they may end up being an uber-douche, in which case you'll be completely let down by the reality that this person you idolize (or even lust after, cough cough) is really just a Grade A overpaid POS.

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Thankfully for this lucky dude, The Rock is the complete opposite of that description! So much so, that he stopped traffic just to take a photo (turned video) with this over-joyed fan! Not going to lie, it's really heart-warming and sort of, even if for a moment, restores my faith in the general scope of Hollywood assh*les.

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