Dwight Howard Made A Bunch Of D*ck Jokes During A Postgame Interview And His Teammate Lost It

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Atlanta Hawks center Dwight Howard might be a 31-year-old man, but you wouldn't know it after seeing him speak to reporter Olivia Harlan during his postgame interview following his team's 119-114 victory over the Chicago Bulls last night.

That's because Howard, who poured in 16 points and grabbed 12 rebounds, continuously made dick jokes a couple of times while speaking to Harlan, referencing how his team's victory all, "starts with the D."


And, while Howard was somewhat capable of keeping his sly smile in check, his teammate Dennis Schroder wasn't as lucky, as cameras caught him basically losing his shit as Dwight spoke.

It's hilarious how Harlan was able to either overlook this, blatantly ignore it or be so unaware of Dwight referencing "the D" multiple times. Fortunately, Olivia's boyfriend—the Houston Rockets' Sam Dekker—said he and his lady actually just got a great laugh out of it afterwards.

Man, we're all just teenage boys when it comes to humor, aren't we?

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