Meet Dylan Penn, Daughter Of Legendary Actor Sean Penn And A Bona Fide Knockout

This isn't the first time we've written about smokin' hot celebrity daughters and we hardly think it'll be the last. That's why when we came across, Dylan Penn, daughter of legendary actor and all around playboy Sean Penn — we had to put something together for y'all.

It's really a matter of genetics when you think about it. Sure, Sean Penn isn't the most attractive dude on the block, but have you seen Robin Wright? The 51-year-old House of Cards actress is a dime!


Sure does look like Dylan gets it from her Mama and we aren't complaining about that one bit! Question is, we know she got her looks — how about her talent? Turns out, she most definitely did! Dylan is both a model (duh) and actress. You may actually recognize her from titles like Condemned, Elvis & Nixon, and California Dreams.

As far as her modeling career goes, she's been in the game for quite some time, appearing in Gap ads as early as 2013. Most recently, as pictured above, we see her stunning-up red carpets with her A-list parents — doesn't sound like such a bad gig, now does it?

Of course, y'all aren't here for her bibliography, now are you? Go ahead and check out the super sexy gallery below. You will NOT be disappointed! Just be careful with your comments — Sean Penn might look little, but have you seen him in the The Gunman? Scary freakin' stuff.

Image Via Getty

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