Hacking A Keyless Car Is Actually So Much Easier Than You'd Imagine

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I'm not really sure if by putting this information on the internet it's going to prevent the problem, or make it worse. I guess that's just the risk we're going to have to take. If news letters we're still a thing, we'd be more inclined to put this in there, but those days are long gone, buddy.

Turns out that those super convenient keyless cars are actually at HUGE risk for being hacked and subsequently stolen right out from under your nose. I know you can't believe everything you hear on Fox News but they couldn't possibly have an agenda for lying about this, right??

Take it with a grain of salt, roll the dice, whatever adage you feel like using—"Any car owner with a keyless entry and ignition system, be warned: Chinese security researchers have proven that with equipment costing about $25, hackers could easily open car doors remotely from up to 1,000 feet away, start the cars' engines and drive away."

I normally don't use this in writing, but LOL! 25-DOLLARS?! That's IT? You can buy, lease, or finance a keyless car for thousands upon thousands of dollars and all it takes is 25 bucks to steal it? That doesn't entirely compute if you ask me.

Alright, so now that we know how much it would cost, what would it look like? Is it a couple of guys in ski masks? Or is it less obvious than that? Oh yeah, way less obvious, indeed—"The researchers, calling themselves UnicornTeam, played a video showing that the captured radio signal could be relayed remotely to someone waiting at the car. The car's driver parks outside a cafe, locks the car, and walks inside. One accomplice follows the driver in, holding a radio device about the size of a walkie-talkie. The other accomplice, outside and holding a similar device, opens the car's door, gets in, starts the engine and drives off."

Great! That's not at all unsettling. I'm referring more to the researchers being called UnicornTeam and less about the cars being stolen.

Here are the full hack slides, should you be interested in learning more—please don't be a douche and try doing this.

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