Eating Boogers Is Just One Of The Nastiest Things People Admit To Doing When They're Alone

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Look, we're all friends here, right? Is there really any need for uptight social graces? Er, we don't think so. C'mon, we write about popping giant pimples for crissakes, we're well past good manners. If gross is what y'all want, gross is what you'll get — and then some. Take eating boogers for example, everyone has done it! No sense in even denying it! Whether you were 5, 15, or 50 — it's a natural curiosity that most people satisfy at some point in their life.

Here's the thing though, does it get nastier than eating boogers or does eating boogers reign supreme at the top of the gross human behavior list? Well, as it turns out, it's not even close to the top! If anything, eating boogers is mild compared to some of these heinous examples.


In a recent survey from Online Doctor they surveyed over 1,500 Europeans and Americans about a range of acts they’d normally be afraid to admit. If you happen to be on your lunch break right now, you might wanna put that sandwich down. You're definitely going to loose that appetite.



See what we were saying about that loss of appetite? This is some pretty gnarly stuff! Sure, some of it's just plain weird, but we simply cannot get over how vile humans (mostly men) can be behind closed doors — WOOF! Let's review some of the more ridiculous highlights, shall we?

Can you actually believe that 11.1% of American males delay their showers just to see how bad of an odor they can build up?! WTF is that about. Additionally, how much pubic hair do these sick freaks have that 45.5% of American men can just play with it non-sexually? Haven't y'all heard of manscaping? Lastly, we'd like to spare you the suspense — underwear should be worn ONCE. Case closed. To the 44.3% of American men who think otherwise...YA NASTY!


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