Vegetarians Are "Less Healthy" Than Meat-Eaters, Per New Study

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Meat-eaters, rejoice! In the battle of Eating Meat vs. Vegetarian, meat reigns supreme (at least for today). To be clear, we take zero issue with vegetarians. Hell, it's not like they're half as bad as vegans, it's just meat-eaters definitely get a bad rap and well, it sucks. Sometimes you just want to eat a bacon cheeseburger in peace without feeling like you're making some sort of grandiose political statement. It's not that complicated, people. Omnivores were the best dinosaurs and as it turns out, the same applies to humans.

A new study from the Medical University of Graz in Austria discovered that low intake of saturated fat and cholesterol, as a result of a higher intake of fruits, vegetables, seemed to carry a higher risk of cancer, allergies and mental health problems. As per to LadBible:

"Researchers matched 1320 subjects according to their age, sex, and socioeconomic status. These included 330 vegetarians, 330 who ate meat but still consumed a lot of fruit and veg, 300 regular eaters who ate less meat, and 330 heavy meat-eaters.

"Results indicated that despite the vegetarians drinking less alcohol and having lower BMI, they were still in worse physical and mental condition than their meat-eating counterparts. Subjects who ate less meat were also found to have adverse health habits, such as avoiding going to the doctors."

Of course, more research needs to be conducted in order to yield conclusive results, but as far as this study is concerned, eating meat is healthier! We think the most interesting observation from this research is that vegetarians avoid going to the doctor. You'd think "health-conscious" people would be more likely to seek medical treatment, no? We suppose they assume that because they only eat fruits and veggies that they're the pinnacle of health — quite the contrary.

We're not suggesting you down a porterhouse steak for dinner every night, but the next time a vegetarian goes on a diatribe about "how that burger is going to kill you" you might want to whip out the information you learned today. It's likely to shut them up, for a few minutes anyway.

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