UFC Fighter, Ed Herman, Shared Horrific Images Of His Severed Finger And Yep — There Goes Breakfast (NSFW)

Image Via Instagram/edhermanufc

I CANNOT stress this enough — the following image is GNARLY. Before it was sent to me, I was asked, "Have you eaten yet?" Not because this person was concerned I wasn't getting enough fiber or some sh*t, it was because they were genuinely concerned that I was going to vomit. Fortunately, I hadn't yet eaten because if I had — yep, 100% would have thrown up. Therefore, I'm extending the same kindness to y'all. Put down the breakfast sandwich before continuing. You've been warned.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ed Herman, he's a UFC light heavyweight fighter. Pretty dangerous job, yeah? You'd think if he was going to be brutally injured, it would be at work. Well, in the spirit of total irony, he sustained this gruesome at home. Life's a real b*tch sometimes, huh?

According to MMA Fighting

“As each section of pipe comes out, you put the clamp on the pipe and then you unscrew it and take it out,” Herman told MMA Fighting. “Then you gotta hook the crane thing back up to the next piece of piping. But I kind of jumped the gun and didn’t realize he didn’t hook it back up all the way. I pulled the clamp lever and it started falling back down into the well housing and my instincts were to grab a hold of it. For some reason. Like I could actually catch it, I’m so strong.It just sucked my hand right down into the well housing. Before I could let go of it all the way, it caught the tip of my finger and just chopped the tip of my finger off."



To see more NSFW image head over to MMA Fighting

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