Ed Sheeran Playing 'Shape Of You' With Classroom Instruments Is F*cking Awesome

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We've always mentioned the arms race, so to speak, between late-night gods Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, with the two constantly going back-and-forth to prove that his skits are better than the others.

While Kimmel killed it by hosting the Oscars and got a bunch of A-list celebs to partake in his "Mean Tweets" segment—including Robert De Niro—Jimmy Fallon responded with one of our favorite things, musicians playing hit songs with classroom instruments.

And the guest from a couple nights ago, singer Ed Sheeran, was the latest to bust out the toys and jam out, playing his hit song "Shape Of You" for everyone to jam out to—and it was awesome.


Singing over a band consisting of a xylophone, kazoo and ukulele, Sheeran shook a banana-shaped shaker while singing along.

After watching this, it makes it impossible for us to know who's ahead in the late-night entertainment, Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel, but we'll happily keep watching to see who snags the next viral hit.

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