10 Gym-Alternative Exercises That Will Keep You In Tip-Top Shape This Year

There are plenty of people who love going to the gym, no judgement over here. If you feel like that's where you're most comfortable and yield the best physical results, why bother looking to switch things up? However, if you're looking to workout without the gym, we've got some kickass alternatives for you. We're suggesting these gym-alternative exercises for a few reasons. For starters, it's a great way to cut costs. Gym memberships can be super-expensive. Even moderately-priced gyms still count as yet another monthly payment you'll have to worry about. Secondly, the mad rush after New Year's is real, guys. Gyms are inarguably busiest during the weeks following December 31st. Why have to deal with all that?

Technically speaking, exercise doesn't have to cost you a dime and you certainly don't need a crowd to workout. Using the outdoors and elements to your advantage will offer the same variety of sweat-inducing options without breaking the bank or having to deal with other pesky gym-goers. Oh, you know who we're talking about — all those a-holes who forget to put on deodorant, constantly stare you down, and blast crappy EDM music far too loudly. Sure, some of these options may act as one-time expenses, but a good investment is always worth your time. Plus, who doesn't want a bike and a pet dog?

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