The Models Who Pull Sexy Internet Pranks Describe Their Filthy Motives

Jadey, Belle, Amanda and Hellen, better known as the sexy models who make up Eighty83Three are back on the scene to explain their sexy internet pranks that have now become a viral sensation.

The women describe themselves as:

"A group of young, female social media influencers/entertainers.”

And entertaining they are! The girls have amassed nearly 112,000 followers on Instagram alone. They have also expanded to Snapchat(handle, eighty83three), YouTube, and Facebook.

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Their most popular prank video is titled, Girl Best Friend on Girl Best Friend Prank War has 9.9 million views and it's no mystery why. The video ranges from public "pantsings" to pouring milk on each other.

In an interview with News.Com.Au the women explain why they came together:

“For us it’s a group of best friends hanging out and making content that apparently millions of people enjoy watching, but in saying that it is somewhat a business as we do get paid to do what we love,” they explain.

When asked why they think they’ve been so successful on social media, Isabelle and Jadeey write

“To be very honest, we do not know haha ... We ask ourselves every day.”

With these four women knowing how to steal the spotlight — and provide plenty of "WTF?" reactions from everyone who sees them — they're pretty much professionals when it comes to this kind of stuff, with their YouTube channel boasting a healthy 44,000-plus subscribers full of people who want to see nothing but pranks.

Well, ladies, although we never want to fall victim to any of your twisted funnies, we must admit, you're all hilarious, you're all beautiful and clearly you all know how to handle a solid joke. We're not rocket scientists, but we thinks that's why everyone seems to enjoy laughing at others' expense.

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