Russian Bombshell, Ekaterina Zueva, Bends In Sexy Ways You Wouldn't Believe

It's been awhile since we've gotten in touch with FHM girlfriend, Ekaterina Zueva so we'll go ahead and give a little refresher* course.

Zueva is a 31-year-old model from Siberia, Russia. She's worked on a Guy Ritchie film, The Man From U.N.C.L.E, to be exact, where she played a small role as a pit girl at a car race. She's got a brown-belt in karate and she's even an ass-kicking Kendo sword fighter. She describes herself on Twitter as an actress, model and fashion designer.

Nowadays, she has amassed a huge following of 1.8 million fans on Instagram, alone. IG is where she shows off the majority of her super-sultry modeling pictures, many of which involve various yoga poses. None of which we know the names of, sorry guys. That aside, she's one flexible lady, that's for sure! We're wondering if maybe we should add contortionist to her ever-growing resume.

When asked what her idea of a perfect date is, she replied, "A very nice Italian restaurant, and you pay the bill. We’ll sit and chat over a couple of glasses of wine, and then head off to wherever you’ve planned for afterwards. It’s your mission not to let me get bored." Well Gents, that doesn't sound too hard now does it?

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