The 'El Chapo' Documentary Looks Like An Even More Intense Version Of 'Narcos' (Video)

Image via YouTube

You don't need to snort a bunch of cocaine to admit that you fell hard for the Netflix show Narcos, which took us through two seasons worth of craziness in Colombia from Pablo Escobar and his gang of hoodlums.

While filming for season 3 of that show is already underway, a new show about the booger sugar is here to feed your dramatic TV drug habit—and the three-part documentary about Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera—otherwise known as "El Chapo"—looks absolutely f*cking insane!


And here's the second teaser for the show.



Co-produced by both Netflix and Univision, the show premiers on the Univision channel on April 23, with the series covering three decades worth of the famous Mexican drug lord.

The story begins with "El Chapo" still a low-ranked member of the Guadalajara Cartel in 1985, showing his progression to the top of the cocaine food chain and subsequent arrests and multiple prison escapes.

Once ranked the 10th-richest person in Mexico, "El Chapo" was finally brought down in 2016 following a nationwide manhunt after evading police on multiple occasions.

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