A-Holes In Action: "Crimes" Against Humanity That Should Be Illegal

When I suggest that some of these "crimes" against humanity be illegal — that's no B.S.; I'm being dead-ass serious. Given the overall socio-political-cultural climate of this damn world, I think it's about time we start legitimately punishing people for being, well, crappy people! Of course, I'm not suggesting that we actually throw anyone in jail for these seemingly innocuous crimes, but, bitches gots to learn, you know? Enough is enough already! I propose we start fining people, or at the very least, publicly shaming them on Instagram.

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Perhaps the most ironic aspect of all these instances is that they're not so much actual crimes of humanity (like religious persecution) as they are seriously poor manners and frankly, just rude, rude, and more rude!. How is it that as we age, we completely forget basic human decency?

Don't believe me, huh? You think I'm being a dramatic-elitist, don't you? I don't blame you! That's what I thought at first, too, until I started paying closer attention — this sh*t isn't cool! Humanity, do better, will you please??

Go ahead and let me know if any of these look/sound familiar to you.

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Crime Group 1: Public Transit


Crime Group 2: Restaurants


Crime Group 3: Bathrooms/Elevators/Office Buildings


I could have conceivably listed 300 more, but the ones above are specifically bothering me right now, and happen in some sort of succession EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Again, I'm not suggesting anyone goes to jail for these things, but, c'mon, there's only so much a gal can take — and I'm pretty damn mild-mannered, all things considered. I couldn't imagine a hot head walking passed an uptight Wall Street-type who's eating a tuna fish and onion sandwich on the train while taking up three seats with his newspaper, briefcase, and computer (that isn't make believe, I saw it yesterday evening).

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