Stunning Italian Model Claims Cristiano Ronaldo Pads His Underwear To Amp Up His 'Bulge' And Wait, WTF?!

Image Via Instagram/elisadepanicis

We'll gladly admit that Cristiano Ronaldo is the type of dude that men want to be and women want to be with. It doesn't make us less manly to admit that he's got some admirable, dare I say, enviable traits—he's good looking, wealthy, and talented AF on the soccer field.

Here's the thing though, you REALLY can't have it all in this life and while we don't want to chose sides or even speculate, it's generally par for the course that a man with all that definitely has some short comings. Turns out, smoking hot Italian model, Elisa De Panicis Agnelli, agrees.

I do want to preface the following story with the fact that Agnelli's Instagram bio read: "Don't follow me, I'm crazy." 10 points for honesty, but already her credibility is faulty at best. Anyway, she details their brief romance to the New York Post:

“I got his number and I sent him a message,” De Panicis Agnelli explained. “We had fun and we had a good friendship, but not anything special.”

Ouch, not anything special? Way to him it wear it hurts, Elisa. It obviously gets worse though:

“Ronaldo uses filling to make his penis look bigger,” De Panicis said during a recent appearance on the Chilean TV show “Doble Tentacion.”

I have no idea why she went out her way to say that, but sure as shit, she did and now it's out there. You know how in middle school there was always that one girl who stuffed her bra and even when she grew up and filled out people still taunted her about it? Yeah, this is that, but with a d-ck, and grown men, and an audience of millions.


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