Elizabeth Hurley Drops Tantalizing New Pics On Instagram That Will Make You Sweat Bullets

Ring the alarm! Ring the alarm! New Elizabeth Hurley pictures have arrived for us to drool over! So stop everything you're doing immediately, because, well, what else do you really have to look forward to nowadays?

If you happen to be one of her 612k followers very, very lucky Instagram followers then I'm sure you've already feasted your eyes on the 52 year-old-model/actress showing off her forever-sexy goods, but if not, then we've got a lovely treat for you.


Of course, we just threw that video in for good measure—a little posterity goes a long way on the internet. Plus, video of a scantily-clad Elizabeth Hurley never hurt anyone, amirite? The pictures in question will be in the gallery below, we promise!

Speaking of promises, I think we've always made it a point here at FHM to keep you guys on the up and up when it comes to looking at beautiful woman. You'd agree, no? Well, I know we threw you Elizabeth's personal IG account link above, but do you happen to know she has another one?

No?! Well, we've got yet another Monday treat to keep your spirits high. Elizabeth Hurley happens to have her own namesake beachwear company, called Elizabeth Hurley Beach which she describes as, "jet set beachwear." Not entirely sure what that means, but hey! More opportunities to see Hurley in a bikini? Sign me up! Also, if you're looking to purchase a swimsuit of for the lady in your life, so she can channel her inner-Hurley, you can go ahead and head HERE.

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