Elizabeth Hurley's Latest Video Involves Her Running Around In A Pink Bikini (And It's Heaven On Earth)

Sure, we all know that Elizabeth Hurley remains to be one of the sexiest women in the world — yes, even at the ripe age of 52! But the British actress and former model still amazes us with some of the crazy hot things that she posts onto her Instagram account of more than 798,000 followers, with her teeny pink bikini video being the latest example of her flaunting all her impeccable hotness.

Look, Elizabeth Hurley's hot Instagram remains to feature some of the most sensational pics and videos that we see on the regular, which, without a doubt, continues to set the Internet on fire thanks to her A+ sex appeal that leaves us staring, drooling and wondering how a woman her age can still look so fine. In fact, Hurley is making this such a habit of hers that it seems like we're featuring a new one of her pics every single day — which has no complaints from any of us, nor any of you... we don't think?

With Liz posting an abundance of hot things on the reg, we tried — key word, tried — to choose some of her hottest Instagram moments to put into a video for you. Sure, it's awesome to watch, but, let's face it, we could've made the thing a feature length film given her penchant for posting such things. This should hold you over for a few minutes though, gents.


It's hard to believe that it took modeling agencies until Elizabeth Hurley was 29 years old until she got discovered and began her career in the industry. Someone should have been fired a long time ago for missing out on her — and the fact that she's still doing it 23 years later is proof of that.

Continuing to defy logic by having a near-flawless body that a woman more than half her age would be jealous of, there's a reason why it's impossible not to ogle and drool over Elizabeth Hurley's Instagram every time she steps in front of the camera. And, thanks to Halloween, we got to see the latest example of her showing off! Now excuse us while we flip through these pics and do just that.

Lead image via Getty.

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