Elizabeth Hurley's Latest Bikini Pic Will Do Anything But Cool You Off

For awhile there, we were showing off British actress Elizabeth Hurley nearly every single week, with the 51-year-old bombshell routinely posting things onto her Instagram account that made us wonder if she was purposely just trying to get us to write about her.

Chances are low that that was the case, but, one never knows, right? It'd be a nice gesture if Liz really did have us on her mind—and we're just going to tell ourselves that she did.


Anyway, while we haven't written about her in a few months, Elizabeth Hurley came back in a big way today, as she just posted a sexy pictures of herself yet again (surprise!), with this one showing enough cleavage that we're sure drooling is the only thing you'll do to react.

As the headline states, if you're expecting to cool down, well, that's not the case, because Elizabeth Hurley just doesn't do that. How is this woman in her fifties, guys? Seriously, we have no clue how that's possible.

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