Elle Macpherson's Taking Back Instagram With Some Sensational Pics That Definitely Don't Lack Skin

The calendar may say October and the cooler weather is all but here, but longtime model Elle Macpherson is making sure things remain as hot as ever for as long as it can, dropping sexy photos that make it hard to believe that she's really 53 years old. Just take a look at Macpherson's Instagram account for proof that this woman really doesn't age!


While we've written about Elle a few times before after she's reached the whole 50-plus-year-old milestone, we're pretty certain that these latest pictures — which were mostly shot by photographer Jonathan Bush — are the ones that remind us that Macpherson is still as fierce as ever. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why after just one look.

It's pretty hard to believe that a woman like Elle Macpherson is still looking this good at her age, guys, so props to her for that. More importantly, the Aussie model's probably getting more stares these days than any of those so-called Instagram stars who seem to post a bunch of selfies. Yep, like a fine wine, Elle's getting better and better with age.

Naturally, Elle works hard at making sure she's living her best life, making sure she avoids sweets to stay in such great shape, per Hello Magazine:

"I don't have dessert every day, but I do love dessert especially dark chocolate and vegan ice cream," she said. The model admitted that she now likes to keep her exercise routine quite relaxed and varied, after years of following strict high intensity workouts. "I used to have a strict routine that I followed of high-intensity training, but now I am all about listening to my body and mixing it up."

OK, now that we've talked so highly of her, why don't you just go ahead and stop reading about why we're still crushing all over Elle Macpherson and just look at the pics yourself? Yeah, that would probably be a pretty good idea.

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